Compliments and Complaints

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Making A Formal Complaint

All persons are encouraged to bring forward legitimate complaints regarding possible misconduct or malfeasance of employees of this agency. All sworn and civilian employees shall be required to accept a complaint alleging misconduct or malfeasance by agency personnel. All employees must courteously inform an individual of his or her right to make a complaint if the individual objects to an employee's conduct.

Employees have a duty to assist any person who wishes to file a citizen's complaint by documenting the information and allegations they provide, advising the individual how to proceed, and by promptly putting the complainant in contact with a supervisor who can assist them with filing their complaint. No employee shall refuse to assist any person who wishes to file a citizen complaint or discourage, interfere with, hinder, delay, or obstruct a person from making a citizen complaint.

The Chief of Police is the department's designated contact for Internal Affairs Investigations. If you have any questions about the process, or results, please contact him directly.

To review the official internal affairs policy of the Vernon Police Department, click HERE


Note: This complaint form is for complaints against the Vernon Police Department or any of the Vernon Police Department Employees. This form is NOT for Traffic or Parking complaints.

On most computers clicking on the below link will open the form in Adobe. Simply complete the form and select a method from below to return it to us.If the link does not open for whatever reason, right click and select "Save Target As," and then save the file to your desktop so you can easily find it. Find the file named "civilian_complaint_report.pdf" and double click it. Fill out the form and select a method below to return it to us.

All official complaints against the Vernon Police Department must be filed on the Department's complaint form. For the complaint form, please click HERE.

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Methods To Return The Complaint Form