Vernon Police Department
Patrol Division

The Patrol Division functions as the backbone of the Vernon Police Department. It is the most visible unit of the department, serving as its eyes and ears and aspiring to serve the community in a competent and proficient manner.

Objectives of Patrol


The primary objective of the Vernon Police Department's Patrol Division is to provide prompt, professional service to the town of Vernon, and protect the safety and security of all its citizens.


Patrol works with the community to prevent crime, proactively address traffic concerns and solve community problems.


Patrol officers not only protect individuals who are in danger of physical harm (and those who cannot care for themselves), but they also protect every individual's Constitutional guarantees.

"The backbone of our nation's domestic defense against terrorist attacks will continue to be the men and women in local law enforcement and emergency services."

- Saxby Chambliss

Our History


  • The first organized police department in Vernon, CT was established and was known as the Rockville Police Department.
  • The ordinance enacted by the new Common Council of the City of Rockville in 1890 established a Police Committee consisting of one alderman and two councilmen, having general management of the City’s police department. The Mayor became Chief of Police, ex officio, while the Police Department was to consist of a Captain and not less than three nor more than ten policemen, augmented by supernumerary policemen. The Captain was designated to “superintend” the Police Department, functioning in the capacity of today’s chief of police.

  • A “Police Manual” was published in March, 1890, which established the organization of the Police Department as well as the duties of its officers and rules and regulations. The first police headquarters was located in the T.F. Rady Company, a commercial building in downtown Rockville, and later moved to the Memorial Building (now Town Hall).
  • By the late 1950s, the Department had grown to consist of a Captain, a Sergeant, six Patrolmen, one Meterman and 10 Supernumerary officers as well as a clerk and five school crossing guards. On December 4th, 1962, Peter Dowgewicz was appointed Chief of Police, following a change in the City Charter to create the position. At the same time, George Trapp was promoted to become the department’s first lieutenant. The Department had grown to include the Chief, a Lieutenant, twelve regular patrolmen, twelve supernumerary officers and three clerks.
  • While the population of the City of Rockville remained fairly stable in the years following World War II, rural Vernon experienced a dramatic increase in population during the 1950s and 1960s in conjunction with the post-war housing boom. No longer were elected constables and occasional State Police patrols adequate to provide police protection outside the City limits. In 1958, Chief Constable Edmund Dwyer established an “organized constabulary” as the Vernon Department of Public Safety. The force consisted of special constables supplemented by Civilian Defense auxiliary policemen. By 1960, the police department had a new home on West Street where today’s Public Safety Complex now stands.
  • In 1965, the City and Town consolidated, and Rockville relinquished its unique political identity. The Rockville Police Department and Vernon Department of Public Safety were merged as a result, and all operations were moved to the West Street public safety building. Rockville’s then Chief of Police, George Trapp, assumed the duties as head of the new consolidated force. Vernon’s Chief, Ed Dwyer, became the Deputy Chief.
  • The four decades which have elapsed since the 1965 Consolidation have led to many changes.
  • By the 1970s, the Public Safety building was no longer adequate and the current home of the Police Department was erected in 1979. The new building provided proper space for Communications, administrative offices, the Detective Division, Records, evidence storage, roll-call/report writing room and both male and female locker rooms. In addition, a three bay garage was included to provide maintenance on site for the growing fleet of vehicles by a full-time police mechanic.

  • Today, the Vernon Police Department is staffed by 50 uniformed members and numerous civilian employees.

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